assessments for individuals

Assessments help people understand themselves and others better.

Through the use of a 10-minute "test," students, young adults, adults, couples and families can learn how they communicate and what motivates them. The assessment generates a report that the coach reviews with the individual, couple or family for maximum understanding.

Here are some of the assessments that we use at Sunstone:

TTI Success Insights® Family Relationships-Adult Version

TTI Success Insights® Family Relationships-Young Adult Version

(9th grade reading level and above)
Home is the place where children learn how to deal with the similarities and differences of the people in their lives. This learning lays the foundation for their future relationships, both personally and professionally. Don't leave understanding people up to chance. Build stronger family relationships through insight into each other. Each member of the family takes a 10-minute assessment online. The results are reviewed by telephone with the coach who explains each family member's communication style and how to bring out the best in one another. The review takes an hour, and may include a follow up session if needed.

Excellence for Learning™ - Student Version

Students who understand their own behavioral and communication style can make better choices about the next steps in their lives, whether it be education or professional choices. This online 10 minute assessment and one-hour review of the results helps the student understand their style and provides some vocational direction.

TTI Success Insights® Communicating with Style

TTI Success Insights® Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Report

Couples who understand each other and know how to communicate with one another build strong, rewarding, and lasting relationships. The return on this investment continues for a lifetime. Both partners take two assessments online (total of 20 minutes), and the coach reviews the results with the couple for an hour. Follow up is available if needed.