consulting for business


  • Helps management improve their hiring performance and retain their key employees by assessing jobs, current employees, and potential hires
  • Helps leadership, sales, and operations teams understand their communication style and the impact it has on performance
  • Helps leadership understand and develop their corporate culture, including practical onboarding processes for new employees

Hire the Right Person the First Time

Most managers have at some time hired a person who had a great resume, performed well in the interview, but couldn't do the job. Only 14% of hiring decisions based on interviews alone work out well. At Sunstone we assess the behaviors, motivators and core competencies of the candidate, and give you a look beneath the surface. The assessment, coupled with a behavioral-based interview and a thorough reference check, dramatically increases your ability to make the right hire the first time around.

Retention: Know the Strengths and Developmental Needs of Your Employees

Each individual in the workplace has inherent abilities and skills waiting to be recognized. Organizations who understand this are frequently named in lists of "the best companies to work for". Sunstone uses assessments which reveal a person's unique makeup of behaviors, values, and core competencies. Manager's use this information to ensure that employees are in the jobs that match their strengths, and to train and develop them where needed. Insight into the employee's abilities creates optimum performance.

Benchmarking the Needed Skills for a Particular Job

If a manager objectively knows the order of which core competencies, behaviors and values a particular job requires to be done successfully, as well as the same information for candidates applying for that position, choosing the right candidate becomes more objective and more effective. Sunstone has a defined process and a series of assessments which can do just that for your organization.

Effective Communication Between Individuals and Teams

Teams that work together effectively and efficiently are made up of people who enjoy their work and communicate well. Communication skills can be learned through understanding one's own style, recognizing and appreciating the style of the team members, and knowing when to adapt. Assessments and the right training can make a difference in team performance.

Practical Human Resource Tools Provide Clarity to Employees

New and existing employees need ample opportunities to understand the corporate culture. Sunstone designs practical onboarding processes for new hires, employee handbooks and other tools that reinforce culture and provide clarity throughout the organization.