Welcome! Sunstone is a "people" business. Our goal is to improve business and personal relationships through clear and effective communication around process and results. We work with organizations and families across the country, and would like the opportunity to meet you and find out how we can be of help.

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for business

for individuals

Everything we do is with a personal touch. Each interaction is about improving your ability to communicate and to forge more successful, meaningful relationships.

for business

People are at the core of every task that an organization seeks to accomplish and every idea that is brought to fruition. Everything that Sunstone does - from team building to executive coaching, from candidate selection to training and development - is about the effectiveness of companies and the fulfillment of people.

for individuals, families, couples

The individual is the foundation of every team, whether the team is a couple, a family, or an organization. When the individual is at his or her best and communication is clear, the team grows stronger. In return, the synergy of a powerful team reinforces the growth of the individual. Sunstone helps people to be at their best.

about sunstone

Legend has it... The Viking warriors sailed the northern seas in the eighth century and were known for their keen navigational ability. During periods of low visibility, they found their way by holding the sunstone crystal up to the sky to polarize light, and used it as a compass.

Find Your Way with Sunstone: See where you want to be. Know how to get there.